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Whether your exam is in 500 days or 5, we’ll improve your score. See for yourself what it’s like to learn and remember hundreds of new words.

If you are a middle school student, please contact support@membean.com. We'll put you on a plan that's used in many middle schools but is not available for website sign-up.

Flurry Plan

Perfect if your exam is just round the corner.

1 month $29
Endeavor Plan

Have more time? Learn more words! Practice longer and build a stronger memory.

3 months $15/month
Quest Plan

A great way to gradually and incrementally build a durable word memory.

6 months $9/month
Venture Plan

Take it slow and easy! The best way to gradually and incrementally build a durable word memory.

12 months $6/month
Peek Plan

Just want to take us for a spin? Upgrade to a paid plan any time.

3 days Free

Don’t forget,
every plan includes…

  • More than 2000 headwords
  • More than 1000 roots
  • 8 ways to learn each word
  • 9 types of questions
  • Visual and engaging content
  • Personalized word set
  • A memory engine
  • Free access to our experts

What people say…

I saw a movie preview the other day in which Johnny Depp turns to Angelina Jolie and says, "You're ravenous." Angelina smirks and replies, "Do you mean ravishing?" And I thought to myself: that's a classic malapropism!! That's when I realized how awesome the Membean program is. With other study methods, you memorize now and forget later. With Membean, you learn in a way that is both fun and effective — and it truly works!
Anna Shields